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Reward your Fitness

Earn points for daily activities like steps or taking the stairs and redeem on offers from Top Brands.


Coming soon.

More Goals,
less Infographics.

We ensure you reach your daily goals by summarising all your daily activities in one place and visualising how far you are from reaching them.


All in one Overview

Health has a value.

Earn crumbs for every daily goal achieved.


Exclusive Offers

to keep you going.

Spend your Crumbs on offers from over 50 Brands ranging from sport nutrition and fashion to electronics and equipment. – 1.png


Discover and find sporting products in the categories 

that fit your goals. – 1.png


Get all information about the offer in one place regarding the benefits of the product and the Brand. – 1.png


Save your coupons in your wallet so that you can redeem them at your convenience later.

WIN again

and again.

We help you to set up a healthy routine and and stick with it for the long run within a weekly overview.


Like Banking,
without the money.

All transactions and earnings displayed in History.


Learn and Grow

Find interesting Articles, Tipps for your Trainings and more insights into the Partners in our App.

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What our Customers say

4,7 Stars, 255 Reviews


Become a Partner.

Learn how we we use Branded content and user engagement to achieve a healthier community.

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